July 7, 2008

THE THOUGHTS-"All Night Stand"


Greetings all.
I hope all is well on your end, and that you’ve got room in your ears for a rare piece of UK vinyl. A few weeks ago, when I featured the Creation’s ‘Making Time’ I mentioned that I would soon profile the Thoughts, so here you have it. I first heard this tune – like so many others from the period – via a mix tape created by my old pal and all-around Modfather Bill Luther, the authority for all things British for our little revivalist circle in the 80’s.

Back then, the appeal – aside from the fact that this is a very groovy record indeed – was that the tune in question ‘All Night Stand’ by the Thoughts was a song that had been written by Ray Davies and demoed for, but never recorded by the Kinks. It was another one of those records that I figured I’d never find, so imagine my shock when I picked up a pile off rare garage/beat 45s out of a (rather pricey) box at a recent record show, only to notice that snappy Planet Records logo peeking out at me. That surprise was amplified when I scanned further down the label and realized that I was holding that very Thoughts 45. Though the price on the disc was a little dear for my bankroll at the time (though not generally as I would have expected it to be selling for more) I went ahead, made a command decision and gave it a home in my crates. Good thing I did (for me and you all) because it’s a great record.

The Thoughts started out as the backing band for a singer named Tiffany (NO, not THAT Tiffany…) and recorded a few 45s in that capacity. They first recorded as the Thoughts in 1966, when they waxed ‘All Night Stand’ for Planet (there’s apparently a difference between the US and UK versions, this being the former). Davies had written the tune for a proposed film of the same name, which was never made (thought the Thoughts made an appearance in a film called ‘Girls In Short Dresses’). The vocalist on ‘All Night Stand’ – making his recording debut, was a Liverpudlian named Peter Beckett. Beckett eventually moved on from the Thoughts to join the groups Winston G and the Wicked, the Whip and eventually, for a short time the World of Oz (big run of “W” bands there…). He recorded two albums with the group Paladin, before relocating to the US in 1974. This is of course where the story takes an unexpected turn.

Sometime between then and 1977, Beckett co-founded the band Player, for whom he wrote and sang the 1978 Number One hit ‘Baby Come Back’ (come on…who among you saw that coming???). This of course proves once again the first law of Iron Leg, even
the biggest hunks of AM radio cheese have interesting roots (seen also over at Funky16Corners).
I hope you dig the tune.


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