1966 Nuggets: Celluloid Artyfacts Of Sixties Rock
        This is a collection of various short films and 
        television shows, showcasing mod, garage, and 
        pop music from the mid-to-late 60's.
        1. Girls In Short Short Dresses (1966)
        Paramount made this topical film in the final days
        of the theatrical short subject era, to capitalize on
        the worldwide interest of swinging London. The
        movie starred The Thoughts, best known for their 
        recording of Ray Davies' song "All Night Stand. The
        band performs two songs at the famous Blaise's 
        nightclub. They are also shown chasing girls   
        around subway stations and Carnaby Street 

1978 FM
        1. Baby Come Back (LV,MSC,SW with  Crowley)

1983 Two Of A Kind
        1. Twist Of Fate-Olivia Newton-John
        (SW with Kipner)

1984 Where The Boys Are '84
        1. Jennie (LV,SW)

1984 Karate Kid
        1. Moment Of Truth-Survivor
        (SW with D. Lambert)
        2. It Takes Two To Tango-Paul Davis
        (SW with Lambert,Conti)

1985 St. Elmos Fire
        1. Stressed Out(Close To The Edge)-Airplay
        (LV,SW with Foster,Graydon,Kipner)

1986 Body Slam
        1. Rock N' Roll Hearts (SW with Jack D'Amore)

1986 Little Shop Of Horrors
        1. Da-Doo-Moralis,Weeks,Campbell,Arnold
        (BV by The Do Wops: Beckett,Gerrard,Curtis,

1986 The Men's Club
        1. Taking A Stand (SW)

1988 Cocktail
        1. Original Sin(Jumpin' In)-Think Out Loud
        (LV with Kipner,SW with Kipner,Capek,PRD
        with Holman,Kipner)
        Song played in bar scene.

1989 Major League
        1. How Can The Girl Refuse? (LV)

1989 Staying Together
        1. The More Things Change-Paul Cotton
        (SW with Feldman)
        2. Kit's Theme-Kevin Savigarsan (SW with Feldman)

1989 Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure
        1. Two Heads Are Better Than One-Powertools
        (LV-Peter's voice dubbed over original Nelson Twins)

1989  Second Sight
         1. Takin' A Stand (SW)

1991 Frankie And Johnny
        1. Until You Let Go
        (LV with Jeanette Clinger,SW with Hamlisch)

1995 Mrs. Munck
        1. Not a Day Goes By(LV,SW with Plunkett)

1998 Safe Men
        1. Baby Come Back (LV,MSC,SW with Crowley)

1999 Five Aces
        1. Baby Come Back(LV.MSC,SW with Crowley)

        1. Livin' The Life-Steel Dragon(SW with Plunkett)

2002 Life Or Something Like It
        1. All The Love (LV,SW)

       1. American Woman (LV)
         Song played after Sara get caught in the  
         conveyor at the airport.

2003 Terminator 3:Rise and Fall Of The Machines
        1. Dat Funky Man-William Randolph III
        (SW with Mostow)
         Song is played when the Terminator is shopping
         in the gas station store.
         2. Sugar (MSC,PRD,SW with Mostow)
         3. Party (SW,MSC,PRD)
         Song is played just before the Terminator enters  
         the strip club.

2003 BASIC 
1. Black Betty-Player
   (MSC,PRD,Adapted and Arranged by) 
   Song played at the end of the movie
   in the bar scene. 

2003 Angelina Jolie Celebrity Pack 2003
        1. Life or Something Like It (LV, SW)

2004 Beyond Borders
        1. All I Want-DNA(SW with Plunkett)

2004 Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights
        1. High School Confidential (PRD)

2005 Roll Bounce
        1. Baby Come Back(LV,MSC,SW with Crowley)

2006 Date Movie
        1. Baby Come Back (LV,MSC,SW with Crowley)

2006  A Guide To Recognizing Your Saints
         1. Baby Come Back(LV,MSC,SW with Crowley)

2007 Transformers
         1. Baby Come Back(LV,MSC,SW with Crowley)

2016  The Sparrows
         1. Lift Me Up