In Gloucestershire, England, 1970, five musicians got together to rehearse and produce one of the most innovative and under rated rock bands of the seventies. The original idea for this band was first conceived in a hotel room in New York City, by Pete Solley and Keith Webb. Pete was a classicly trained pianist and Keith Webb was a jazz drummer. At the time, they were the opening act for The Rollingstones, with the Terry Reid Band. Deciding to break away from the creative restrictions imposed on them as backing musicians, they returned to England to form their own band called Paladin. 

Many months were spent finding the right blend of musicians, writing and rehearsing. The band consisted of Lou Stonebridge on vocals, piano and harmonica, Derek Foley on guitar and vocals, Pete Solley on organ, piano, violin and vocals, Keith Webb on drums and percussion, and Peter Beckett on bass and vocals. Peter had never played bass before but needed the job and learned quickly. Stonebridge and Foley had been playing with the band Grisby Dyke,and Peter was formerly of the band Winston G and The Wicked. When rehearsals began, it was clear that Paladin was going to be a dynamic live band. Instead of recording a demo, they invited people from the music industry to attend the rehearsals that took place in a farmhouse at Slowwe House in Arlingham, Gloucstershire. This was a huge old house that the entire band stayed at. Their sound was a mix of rock, blues, soul, jazz, and latin, creating a rich blend of world beat, long before it existed. Paladin's use of keyboards also 
created a unique sounds. 

By the end of 1970, they hit the road to play live gigs. Their first appearance took place at the Revolution in London. After some negogiations, Paladin signed with the newly formed Bronze Records. They began recording their self-titled, debut album on January 8, 1971 produced by Philamore Lincoln, at Olympic Studios in West London. They also recorded portions of the album at Island Studios, also in London. They recorded almost everything live in the studio, with a few overdubs. This decison produced some outstanding pieces of music. They toured England and Europe, playing all the great clubs there at the time. Paladin vocalist Lou Stonebridge was injured when a table that was being used as a stage extension collapsed during a gig. He sufferd a dislocated shoulder but continued on as the band begin cutting their second album. 

A year later, it was time for their second album, which was produced by Geogg Emerick(who engineered Sgt. Pepper) and recorded at the famous Apple Studios in London. Entitled Paladin Charge!, the second album was pegged by critics to be the absolute classic masterpiece of the 70's. This diverse album, which at times mixed folk with rock and roll, made it difficult to pinpoint influences. The lead vocals were shared by the band members on select songs. Famous album cover artist Roger Dean, designed The Paladin, a rider on a horse, for Paladin Charge!, claiming it to be one of his most difficult sketches.

Unfortunately, Paladin's lack of success led to frustration, with Stonebridge and Foley deciding to leave the band in April of 1972. Both were  replaced by Joe Jammer on vocals and guitar. Paladin then toured such places as Norway and all around Europe and England. However, the revised lineup didn't last long and by the end of 1973, Paladin disbanded. 

The career of Paladin produced two of the finest hard/prog albums of the 70's. They also recorded early versions of tracks leaning more toward jazz. These were later reworked and the tapes were forgotten for almost 25 years until their release in 2002 by Rock Symphony under the name of JazzAttack.
 Paladin recorded live for the BBC but the tapes are believed to be still collecting dust in the vaults of old Beeb in London. 



Released in the Spring of 1971, "Paladin" was the debut album from this creative band. Formed the previous year by Keith Webb and Pete Solley (both ex-members of Terry Reids band), Paladin encompassed all that was experimental in early 70s rock. Fusing the worlds of jazz, rock and ethnic Cuban music, Paladins debut album was both powerful and rhythmic. One of the first signings to Bronze Records, Paladin shared a home with URIAH HEEP, COLOSSEUM et al and were highly regarded. 


 1.    Bad Times (Solley)
 2.    Carry Me Home (Beckett,Stonebridge)
 3.    Dance Of The Cobra (Webb)
 4.    Third World (Solley)
 5.    Fill Up Your Heart (Solley)
 6.    Flying High (Solley)
 7.    The Fakir (Schfrin)

8.    It's Time (Paladin)
9.    Any Way (Demo)
10.   Third World (Instrumental)
11.   Carry Me Home (Instrumental)
12.   Dance Of The Cobra (Instrumental)
13.   It's Time (Instrumental)
14.   The Fakir (Instrumental)

Band members: Peter Beckett, Derek Foley,
Peter Solley, Lou Stonebridge, Keith Webb

*Recorded at Olympic Studios, London and Island Studios, London

Released in the Summer of 1971, "Charge" was Paladin's second and final album. Formed the previous year by Keith Webb and Pete Solley (both ex-members of Terry Reids band), Paladin encompassed all that was experimental in early 70s rock. Fusing the worlds of jazz, rock and ethnic Cuban music, Paladins second album was both more "progressive" and hard edged in nature to their debut. Adorned in a striking sleeve designed by ROGER DEAN (artist for YES), the album became known as much for its sleeve as the excellent music within. Recorded at The Beatles APPLE studios and engineered by GEOFF EMERICK, the album was Paladin's finest hour featuring the classics "Give Me Your hand" and "Anyway". One of the first signings to Bronze records, Paladin shared a home with URIAH HEEP, COLOSSEUM et al and were highly regarded. 


 1.   Give Me Your Hand (Solley)
 2.   Well We Might (Solley)
 3.   Get One Together (Webb)

 4.   Anyway (Solley)
 5.   Good Lord (Beckett,Stonebridge,Foley)
 6.    Mix Your Mind With Moonbeams (Solley)
 7.    Watching The World Pass By (Stonebridge)

 8.   Give My Love To You (Solley)
 9.   Sweet Sweet Music (Solley)
10.  Any Way (Variation)(Solley)
11.  Sweet Sweet Music (Variation)(Solley)
12.  Well We Might (Variation)(Solley)
13.  Fill Up Your Heart (Instrumental)(Solley)
14.  Bad Times (Instrumental)(Solley)

Band members: Peter Beckett, Derek Foley,
Peter Solley, Lou Stonebridge,  Keith Webb

*Recorded at Apple Studios, London
 1.    The Gong (Webb)
 2.    The Fakir I (Schifrin)
 3.    Third World  Part I (Solley)
 4.    Third World  Part II (Solley)
 5.    Carry Me Home (Beckett,Stonebridge)
 6.    Dance Of The Cobra (Webb)
 7.    Bad Times (Solley
 8.    Fill Up Your Heart (Solley)
 9.    It's Time (Paladin)
10.   The Fakir II (Schifrin)


11.  Trip To Venus (Solley)
12.  Anyway I (Solley)
13.  Anyway II (Solley)  

Band members: Peter Beckett, Derek Foley,
Pete Solley, Lou Stonebridge, Keith Webb




03/27/1971 THE ROSKO SHOW (Producer: Aidan Day)
                     Live from Radio 1 Club London: PALADIN
06/27/1971 IN CONCERT WITH JOHN PEEL (Producer: Jeff Griffin)
                    PALADIN, BELL 'N' ARC
06/30/1971 IN CONCERT WITH JOHN PEEL (Producer: Jeff Griffin)
(Repeat)       PALADIN, BELL 'N' ARC
07/22/1971 SOUNDS OF 70's  STUART HENRY (Producer: Malcolm Brown)
                     PALADIN, COCHISE
08/19/1971 SOUNDS OF 70's  STUART HENRY (Producer: Malcolm Brown)
10/21/1971 SOUND OF THE 70's  Pete Drummond (Producer: M Brown)
                     PALADIN, PATTO, STRAY, ROY YOUNG BAND
11/18/1971 SOUND OF THE 70's  Pete Drummond (Producer: M Brown)
05/26/1972 SOUND OF THE 70's  JOHN PEEL (Producer: John F Muir)
07/7/1972  SOUND OF THE 70's JOHN PEEL (Producer: John F Muir)


             TX - 26/05/1972


     LINE UP






??/??   The Revolution Club London
JUL 03 Gloucester Tech College (Kevin Ayers and the Whole World)
NOV 06 '2nd Sound 70' Pavilion Garden's Buxton(Derbyshire)(Marmalade, Ginger Baker's Airforce, Black Widow, Fat Matress, Strange Fox, Elias Hulk)
DEC 06  Redcar Jazz Club  (Daddy Longlegs)
JAN  15 Hampstead Country Club (Steeleye Span)
JAN  23 London Imperial College (Heads, Hands & Feet)
JAN  30  Kirk Levington Country Club(solo)
JAN  31  Redcar Jazz Club (Linda Hoyle)
FEB  13 University College, London (Uriah Heep)
FEB  19 Thames Polytechnic, London (Colosseum, Karakorum)
FEB  27 Wake Arms, Epping (solo)
MAR 03 Cavern, Liverpool
MAR 09  Tricorn Club Portsmouth (Viv Stanshall)
MAR 13 Epsom Baths, Surrey (Elton John, Rhada Krishna Temple)
MAR 25 Heads Club, London(solo)
APR  02  Kingston Coronation Hall (Hawkwind)
APR  08  Heads Club, London(solo)
APR  11 Fulham Greyhound(solo)
APR  16 High Wycombe Blues Loft(solo)
APR  20 The Place, Hanley(solo)
APR  21 Hampsted Country Club, London(solo)
APR  23 Thames Polytechnic (Fusion Orchestra, Sweet Thunder)
APR  22 Twickenham Maria Grey College(solo)
APR  24 Coventry Tech CollegeS9(solo)
APR  28 Chaguaramas Club, London (Cancelled?)
APR  29 Speakeasy, London(solo)
APR  30 Bath University(solo)
MAY  01  Portsmouth College of Education(solo)
MAY  02  Westcliffe Palace Theatre(Solo)
MAY  06  Huddersfield Polytechnic(solo)
MAY  07  Glasgow Maryland(solo)
MAY  09  Burslem George Hotel(solo)
MAY  11 Henry's Blues House, Birmingham(solo)
MAY  13 London Blaises(solo)
MAY  14 Newport Harper Adams College(solo)
MAY  15 Roehampton Froebel Institute(solo)
MAY  16 New Theatre Bromley (Uriah Heep, Edgar Broughton Band)
MAY  18 Portsmouth Tricorn(solo)
MAY  20 Cheltenham Town House(solo)
MAY  21 Liverpool Polytechnic
MAY  22 Leicester Polytechnic
MAY  29 Clarences, Halifax West Yorkshire
JUN  12 Twickenham St Mary’s College (National Head Band,Writing On The Wall, Brinsley Schwarz)
JUN  14 The Leys Letchworth Hertfordshire
JUN  15 Wood Green Nightingale London(solo)
JUN  20 Fairfield Hall, Croyden London(Uriah Heep, Juicy Lucy)
JUN  21 Civic Hall Woverhampton (Uriah Heep, Juicy Lucy)
JUN  22 Empire Theatre Sunderland(Uriah Heep, Juicy Lucy, Sha Na Na)
JUN  23 Town Hall Falkirk (Uriah Heep, Sha Na Na)
JUN  24 East Kilbride Scotland (Uriah Heep, Sha Na Na, Paladin cancelled)
JUN  27 Plymouth Town Hall (Uriah Heep, Bell & Arc)
JUN  29 Mecca Ballroom, Leeds (Uriah Heep, Sha Na Na)
JUN  30 University Sheffield (Uriah Heep, Sha Na Na)
JUL  01 Kursaal Ballroom, Southend (Uriah Heep, Sha Na Na)
JUL  02  Birmingham Town Hall (Uriah Heep, Sha Na Na)
JUL  03  Liverpool Stadium (Uriah Heep, Sha Na Na)
JUL  04  Victoria Hall Stoke on Trent (Uriah Heep, Sha Na Na)
JUL  05  Portsmouth Guild Hall (Uriah Heep, Sha Na Na)
JUL  07  Middlesbrough Town Hall (Uriah Heep, Sha Na Na)
JUL  08  Manchester Free Trade Hall (Uriah Heep, Sha Na Na)
JUL  09  Nottingham Albert Hall (Uriah Heep, Sha Na Na)
JUL  10 Barry Memorial Hall (Uriah Heep, Sha Na Na)
JUL  18 London Lyceum (Uriah Heep, Knome Sweet Knome) 
JUL  23 Kursaal Ballroom, Southend-On-Sea Essex(Stray, Sam Hill Pie)
AUG 01 The Greyhound Fulham Rd, London
AUG 05 Bournemouth Royal Ballroom
SEP  01 Winningpost Twickenham
SEP  10  'Sound 71' Buxton Pavillion Gardens (Gentle Giant, East of Eden, Juicy Lucy, Groundhogs, Edgar Broughton Band, Eggs Over Easy, Bees Make Honey, Brewer's Droop)
SEP 21 Musikhalle, Hamburg (Uriah Heep)
SEP 22 Big Eden, Berlin (Uriah Heep)
SEP 24 Siegerlandhalle, Siegen (Uriah Heep)
SEP 25 Rheinhalle, Dusseldorf (Uriah Heep)
SEP 26 Saar-Mosel-Halle, Trier-Konz (Uriah Heep)
SEP 27 Meistersingerhalle, Nuremberg (Uriah Heep)
SEP 28 Fruchthalle, Kaiserslautern (Uriah Heep)
SEP 29 Blowup Club, Munich Germany(Uriah Heep)
OCT 01 Nags Head  Willaston
OCT 02 Newcastle University Ulm Germany (Uriah Heep)
OCT 03 Redcar Coatham Hotel
OCT 14 Cleopatras  Derbyshire (Tear Gas)
OCT 15 Salford Tech College
OCT 16 Bristol Polytechnic
OCT 17 Chalk Farm Roundhouse (Manfred Mann, Jude)
OCT 20 West End Club, Coventry
OCT 21 York Hypnotique
OCT 22 Warrington Padgate College
OCT 26 Crawley Starlight
OCT 29 Abbey Wood
OCT 30 Newhaven Meeting Hall
NOV 01 Edmonton Cooks Ferry Inn-cancelled and replaced by Stray due to Lou Stonebridge's injured shoulder
NOV 05 Speakeasy, London
NOV 06 Madeley College
NOV 11 Swansea Welfare Hall
NOV 12 Huddersfield Polytechnic
NOV 13 Stoke Golden Torch
NOV 14 Mr Smith's, Manchester
NOV 16 Wood Green Nightingale
NOV 17 Wolverhampton Lafayette
NOV 18 Wellington Town House
NOV 19 Scarborough Penthouse
NOV 20  Rainbow Theater London (Fanny, Gipsey, Bronco)
DEC 05 Leeds Grand Theater (Osibisa)
DEC 17 Salford Tech College
DEC 18 Stockton Purple Butterfly
DEC 19 Fulham Greyhound
DEC 20 Billing Tech College
JAN 01 Van Dykes Plymouth
JAN 14 Speakeasy, London
JAN 21 Wolverhampton Civic Hall-
JAN 22 St Mary's College, Twickenham (Bell&Arc)
JAN 28 Birmingham College of Education
JAN 29 Temple Club, London
JAN 30 Levington Country Club, Kirk
FEB  09 Cardiff Top Rank
FEB 12 Essen Pop Carnival Grugahalle, Essen Germany(Deep Purple, Atomic Rooster, Pretty Things, Osibisa, Beggars Opera)
FEB 18 Speakeasy, London
FEB 19 Rugeley Drill Hall
FEB 20 Burton on Trent Tech College
FEB 23 Newport Atheltic Club
FEB 24 Oxford Town Hall (Climax Chicago)
FEB 25 Liverpool Central Hall
FEB 27 Wake Arms, Epping
MAR 04 Glasglow Strathclyde University
MAR 06 Edmonton Cooks Ferry Inn
MAR 10 Newport College
MAR 11 Sunbury on Thames Grammar School
MAR 12 Burslem George Hotel
MAR 18 Warrington Padgate College
MAR 19 High Wycombe Road Runner
MAR 24 Van Dykes, Plymouth
MAR 25 Potter's Bar Farx Club at Elm Court (Uncle Dog)
MAR 26 Kenilworth Chesford Grange
MAR 28 Wood Green Nightingale
MAR 30 Up The Junction, Crewe
APR  27 Fulham Greyhound, London
APR  28 London Thames Polytechnic (Pink Fairies)
APR  30 Wake Arms, Epping
MAY 13 St. Mary's College, Twickenham (Argent, Hookfoot, Sandy Denny)
MAY 21 Implosion Roundhouse Chalk Farm London
(Kevin Ayers and Archibald, Patto, Slowdog)
MAY 26 76 CLUB  Burton on Trent, Straffordshire
JUN 11 Redcar Jazz Club Coatham Hotel
JUN 12 Kings Hall Manchester (Sha Na Na)
JUN 14 The Dome, Brighton (Osibisa)
JUN 17 Liverpool The Stadium (Sha Na Na)
JUN 18 Southend Pier
JUN 23 Dudley JBs
JUN 24 Cambridge Corn Exchange
JUN 25 Roundhouse London (Sha Na Na)
JUN 29 Cheltenham Town Hall
JUN 30 Mayfair, Newcastle (Stone the Crows)
JUL  07 London Falcon
OCT 04 Club 7, Oslo Norway
OCT 05 Blinken, Moss Norway



"In January of 1971, I produced the first Paladin album at Olympic Studios and Island Studios. Paladin were very much a live band who had their stuff down nice and tight. It’s true that we recorded most of the tracks more or less live. For the second Paladin album I booked the Beatles’ Apple Studios in Savile Row where I had the pleasure of working with the Beatles’ legendary engineer Geoff Emerick.



 Description: Rare 1971 Original, Radio Station Timing Strip On Cover, 1A/1A Stampers. Appears Virtually Unplayed. “Brainchild Of Ex-Terry Reid Members Peter Solley And Keith Webb, Paladin Was Born To Fuse. But Even With Their Wildly Eclectic Sound — Incorporating Cuban Rhythms, Jazz, Rock, And Psychedelia, The Quintet Aimed At A Surprisingly Accessible Sound, And Should Have Been A Commercial Monster. Paladin Inked A Deal With Bronze (UK) And Released Their Eponymous Debut Album In 1971, A Set That Still Quivers With Creativity. Recorded Live In The Studio, The Entire Album Has An Immediacy To It, With Even The Downtempo Numbers Filled With Energy. The Opening "Bad Times" Shows They Mean Business, The Latin Rhythms Underpinning An Organ Melody And A Rousing Chorus Traffic Would Have Ground To A Halt For, But Before The Almost Seven-Minute Song Comes To The End, The Band Bounces Into A Santana-Esque Jam Led By The Raging, Psychedelic, Acid-Drenched Organ, Which Gets An Even Bigger Workout On The Rocking "Fill Up Your Heart," A Song Which Must Have Been Absolutely Lethal Live. "Dance Of The Cobra" Slithers Through So Many Genres It's Hard To Keep Track — Latin, Funk, And Jazz, For Openers, And Then Guitarist Derek Foley Strides In With A Fiery Solo Before Webb Launches Into An Extended Big-Band Drum Extravaganza, Which He Deftly Transforms Into Rock, Before The Band Goes Out With A Psychedelic Flourish.” Jo-Anne Greene, AMG. Note: This U.S. Original Omits “Third World” But Has Two Additional Songs Not On The U.K. Bronze LP: “Giving All My Love” And “Anyway.” 

Keith, on meeting Peter for the first time.....
 " I was in the speakeasy one night, and this bloody down and out came up to me and said, Hey man, I hear you're looking for a bass player, I've got no bass and I've got no amp, but I've got really good time man!" Keith said "In that case, you'll come back to Slowwe House with me!"
  For more on Keith, go to:

*Keith Webb (aka The Baron) - Died 3-31-2007 in Turre ( Rock ) He was 73 years old - Drummer - Was a member of The Baron Band, The Flying Vultures and Los Tres Hombres - Worked with Donovan, Terry Reid and Paladin

    DEREK FOLEY passed away September 26, 2014