In 1965, while working at the Liverpool Cotton Exchange, Peter met Phil Boardman who was putting together a backing band for recording artist Tiffany. Peter then became the member of his first pro band at age 17 called The Thoughts. They originally recorded as the backing vocals for Tiffany and the Thoughts songs "I Know" and "Find Out What's Happening" on Paraphone Records. They then toured around England and Scotland for awhile until Tiffany quit. In 1966, they switched to Planet Records and made their debut as The Thoughts. A comparatively risque single for the times, the A-side, "All Night Stand" was a Ray Davies composition, produced by Shel Talmy. Along with Alan Hornby on bass, Phil Boardman on lead guitar, Dave Croft on drums, and Peter himself on guitar and vocals, they released 'All Night Stand' on September 30, 1966. Two different versions were released of this single, a slower version in the UK, and a more upbeat version in the US. Requested by Shel Talmy, owner of Planet Records, Ray wrote this song for a movie based on a book by Thom Keyes, also called 'All Night Stand', for 20th Century Fox. The book concerned the trials and tribulations of a young Beat band, loosely modeled on the rise of the Beatles. However, the movie was never made. 

Although the single by The Thoughts received great reviews from the critics, it just barely made the charts. The B-Side, 'Memory Of Your Love', was equally as good and written by Peter and Phil Boardman. This single was recorded on the Planet label and distributed by Phillips Records Ltd. Innovative in being an independent record label in the 60's, Planet lasted only a year but produced 22 singles and two albums by such bands as The Kinks, The Who, The Creation, The Easy Beats, to name a few. In the later years, The Thoughts took on a lead singer named Denny Alexander, formerly of Earl Preston's Realms, and did a one month stint of the clubs in Hamburg on the Reeperbahn, Frankfurt, Cologne, and Storyville.  They made history by being the first band to perform at the newly opened now famous Saville Theatre in London, opening for The Koobas, Jimi Hendrix, and The Who. The Thoughts also appeared live on German TV show 'Beat Beat Beat'. The band also made a video short called "Girls In Short Short Dresses", which was played in movie theaters before the shows.(see info below) Two of their unrecorded songs were played during this video, called "Pretty Girl" and "Call Me Girl". When chart success eluded the band, the group broke up going their own separate ways. 



   (Beckett, Boardman)

Band Members: Beckett, Boardman, Croft, Hornsby

*Recorded at Planet Records



Band Members: Beckett, Boardman,Croft, Hornsby, Alexander


    • The Thoughts appear on the following compilations: 



08/29/1965   76 CLUB Burton and Trent, Staffordshire

10/23/1965   Locarno Ballroom (The Banshees)
11/06/1965   Alexandra Hall Halifax
12/12/1965  76 CLUB Burton and Trent, Staffordshire

01/08/1966 Salisbury City Hall (Ricky and the Gamblers)
??/??/1966  The Grave Liverpool (The Nashpool, The Abstracts,
                       The Kruzades, The Optimists, The Swagmen)
2/20/1966   76 CLUB-Burton and Trent, Staffordshire
4/05/1966   Grafton Ballroom Liverpool "A Night For Mike" (50 bands)

4/09/1966   Locarno Ballroom (Powerhouse 6)

5/08/1966   76 CLUB Burton and Trent, Staffordshire
5/29/1966   All Nite Beat Boat, Liverpool-Freddie Starr& The Delmonts
                      The Hideaways, Graham Bond Organization,
                      The Fabulous Klubs, The Royal Caribbean Steel Band
6/05/1966  Regency Ballroom  Bath (Loose Ends)
8/05/1966  Regency Ballroom.Bath (Loose Ends)
8/14/1966  76 CLUB Burton and Trent, Staffordshire
11/6/1966  Alexandra Hall  Liverpool

1/29/1967  Saville Theater London (Jimi Hendrix, The Who, The Koobas)

??/??/1967  Storyville Club Cologne  Germany

2/10/1967   Beat Beat Beat! Heissischer Rundfunk-German TV
                     ("Until You Love Someone", "If You Don't Come Back")
3/05/1967 A Touse Vents(French TV)  ("All Night Stand") 

3/09/1967  Marquee Club London UK (Pink Floyd)
3/18/1967  Co-Op Rainbow Suite Birmingham (Soul Seekers)


  "Girls In Short Short Dresses" 

        Film Clip (1966)

Paramount made this topical film in the final days of the theatrical short subject era, to capitalize on the worldwide interest in then very-Swinging London. It stars actual mod band The Thoughts, who are best known to collectors for their recording of Ray Davies' otherwise unreleased song "All Night Stand," on Shel Talmy's Planet Records label. In this previously unheralded Technicolor film, they perform two songs, "Pretty Girl" and "Call Me Girl", in the famous Blaise's nightclub. In a reverse on the usual rock band scenario, they chase girls around tube stations and Carnaby Street boutiques. The film also makes a visit to the studio of fashion designer Mary Quant, inventor of the mini-skirt.

This film is owned Jay Schwartz, a film collector from Philadelphia, PA. Jay runs an event every weekend called Secret Cinema at Moore College. Secret Cinema is a project that was started in 1992, after Jay sensed a need to expose new audiences to neglected films of all kinds.


Tiffany's Thoughts

• Irene (Tiffany) Green vocals ex Liverbirds/Dimensions
• Phil Boardman lead guitar
• Alan Hornby bass guitar
• Dave Croft drums
• Pete Beckett rhythm guitar

• Irene (Tiffany) Green vocals ex Liverbirds/Dimensions
• Phil Boardman lead guitar
• Alan Hornby bass guitar
• Dave Croft drums
• Pete Beckett rhythm guitar
• Marion Hill keyboards Memphis R&B Combo

The Thoughts

• Phil Boardman lead guitar
• Alan Hornby bass guitar
• Paul Comerford drums
• Pete Beckett rhythm guitar
• Marion Hill keyboards Memphis R&B Combo

• Phil Boardman lead guitar
• Alan Hornby bass guitar
• Dave Croft drums
• Pete Beckett rhythm guitar
• Marion Hill keyboards Memphis R&B Combo

• Phil Boardman lead guitar
• Alan Hornby bass guitar
• Dave Croft drums
• Pete Beckett rhythm guitar
• Denny Alexander vocals /guitar

• Phil Boardman lead guitar
• Alan Hornby bass guitar
• Dave Croft drums
• Pete Beckett rhythm guitar



Tiffany was a rock singer formerly known as Irene Green in England, in the 60's. She had been the lead singer in the Liverbirds, one of the toughest sounding all-girl bands of that era. She exited their ranks in 1964 and joined the Dimensions, a Liverpool-based soul outfit (also known as "Tiffany's Dimensions.") George Martin produced their one single for Parlophone, a cover of "Tears on My Pillow." She next emerged during the summer of 1965 as Tiffany on "Am I Dreaming" b/w "I Know". In 1966, she released a single -- "Find Out What's Happening" b/w "Baby Don't Look Down" -- on Parlophone as Tiffany & the Thoughts, backed by a local quartet, who later recorded on their own, consisting of Peter Beckett on vocals and guitar, Phil Boardman on lead guitar, Alan Hornby on bass, and David Croft on the drums. Tiffany herself seems to have disappeared as a recording artist after 1966, but "Am I Dreaming" was later resurrected as the title track for an excellent RPM Records British girl-group compilation CD.

The Thoughts: All Night Stand Review

Something familiar in the melody? If so, pat yourself on the back - it's a Ray Davies song, and the gentleman generously contributed it to these guys through the, ahem, "mediation" of Shel Talmy. I've heard the Kinks' own demo version on their Great Lost Album, and it hardly sounded better (especially since Dave was singing it, if I'm not mistaken). Describing a Ray Davies vocal hook is a pretty useless matter - yeah, Cicero would fail at this, too, so let me just say it ain't one of his best, but it's got the trademark Kinks charm to it, and these Liverpudlians, fortunately, are able to preserve that charm, even if they're hardly able to expand on it. Too bad this was their only single, but at least we got to hear the song in a full-clad arrangement as performed by somebody

On this day, 9th March 1967, Pink Floyd and The Thoughts appeared at the Marquee, London, England. The Marquee Club has often been defined as ‘the most important venue in the history of pop music’, not only for having been the scene of the development of modern music culture in London, but also for having been an essential meeting point for some of the most important artists in rock music.
Anyone who’s anyone has played at – or wanted to play at The Marquee. It’s the equivalent of wanting to appear on Top Of The Pops. One could argue that this sweaty little soho club is the most important venue in the world. More so than The Cavern and CBGB’S and The Troubadour. The Marquee Club has the edge – it is the most important venue in the history of European pop music.
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  • Jan 29 -- On a Sunday `Soundarama' presentation at the Saville Theatre, Brian Epstein presents, in two houses, the Who, the Jimi Hendrix Experience (on their theater debut), the Koobas, and the Thoughts. Epstein and the Beatles attend.

Phil Boardman started playing in the mid sixties with "Corsairs" , a local Huyton band. Then he teamed up with Tiffany's Thoughts managed by Peppermint Lounge alongside such bands as Gerry and the Pacemakers and Olympic. After long association with Tiffanys Thoughts he moved to London and was soon managed by Tony Stratton Smith who later became head of Charisma Records. In 1967 Phil & band were introduced to Shel Telmy of Planet Records and recorded a Ray Davies (of Kinks fame) song: All Night Stand.
Phil Boardman and Pete Beckett on B side: Memory of Your Love.

From the Record Mirror September 1967, "The Thoughts, who had backed Tiffany, Merseybeats bass player and drummer, had the song dead right in representing life on the road". Disc and Music Echo said it was very Beatlish, done really well. The flipside was also equally good by Boardman/Beckett.Awarded 4 stars.

PETE BECKETT vcls, gtr A


1 All Night Stand/Memory Of Your Love (Planet PLF 118) 1966


This band began life backing Liverpool acts like Tiffany (recording as Tiffany and The Thoughts), Paul Dean and Johnny and John, but in 1966 they moved down to London, where they recorded on their own as The Thoughts.

Their 45 which was produced by Shel Talmy, is now very rare and expensive. The 'A' side of their sole 45, All Night Stand, was a Ray Davies composition, which had never been recorded by The Kinks. The flip, Memory Of Your Love, which was an original penned by Beckett and Boardman, is quite a catchy number. Both tracks are full of punch.

Pete Beckett was later in Paladin.

Compilation appearances have included: If You Don't Come Back and Until You Love Someone on Untamed And Innocent (CD); All Night Stand and Memory Of Your Love on The Best Of Planet Records (CD); Memory Of Your Love on English Freakbeat, Vol. 3 (LP & CD); All Night Stand on Electric Sugarcube Flashbacks, Vol. 2 (LP), Electric Sugarcube Flashbacks, Vol. 3 (LP) and Boulders, Vol. 9.