I've known him all my adult life. We both grew up and learned our stuff in Liverpool. I think we're basically the same except he's got talent and good looks.


I don't expect you would remember me, but I live in Arlingham and can remember you all.Can you remember drinking in the Red Lion and also playing a gig down the Passage. Regards Dave

I grew up with Pete and we often played the guitar together. He lived in a small street off Lark Lane. His other mate was Vinny who also lived off Lark Lane. Pete's mum used to be a nurse in the Southern Hospital. My brother John went to Tocky Tech with Pete.
Pete and I had a band that was resident at The Blue Angel in Liverpool for a while before he went down to London with Johnny Gus and John Banks. 1968 We were both a bit wild in them days. We actually go back a bit before them days when Pete was with the Thoughts and I was with The Aztecs. Both bands worked for the same agency Peppermint Promotions, which would be about 1964-65. The last time I saw PB was in Berlin when he was with Paladin. I was playing with Blackwater Park a Berlin Band he came over to the house where we lived with one of his bands.

Hi Pete, Long time no speak, remember the days back in Arlingham when we drank at The Red Red Lion and The Old Passage Inn down by the river. You and the guys practised in the old stables and you had a constant stream of visiters to Slowwe House, We also played Cricket on Burchers sands the village verses Slowwe House. Whatever happened to those magic days. Pete and Sally, Keith you and the boys, the serpent dancer girls. And the gig you did outside the Old Passage. when the headmaster across the river rang the pub because all the boys at his school were hanging out the windows to hear your sounds.



Peter was the one down in Birkenhead (near Liverpool) in the sixties with John Ledsom & myself The Blue Angel was a grotty club we played in (amongst others). Anyway, give him our regards. I just found the website & decided to say hi.

The band was never given a name, we used to live near Wimpole street in London and turn up at Apple offices in Baker street on a daily basis, we were "managed" by John Lawton (ex John's Children with Marc Bolan) and a guy from the New Musical Express called Tom Farmer (I think), I also remember Paul McCartney watching us rehearse and a crap song we sang in Decca studios called "Loving Bird" , Peter should remember us going to Shropshire for a few days, I'm sure he will.
hi pete, i came across your photo when i was looking for someone else on the site, i do remember you from the cavern days , we used to go to kd on the corner of whitechapel, gosh talk about a blast from the past , i also remember your sister maureen, she married lol fisher , i went to the wedding i guess that would of been the last time i saw you , and your still playing after all this time , last time i saw you your hair was very dark, you may remember my brother jim stevens he went on a world tour with the bee gees. well pete take care best wishes mary you may write if you wish bye.


You know I recall you playing me a tape of Baby Come Back in LA before it came out and me saying that it was going to be a smash...It turned out to be one of those songs that lives forever, like "What I Like About You" that I did. Who would have thunk?

I know you won't remember me from the days of The Thoughts in London. We used to hang around together at The Ship and La Chase and I knew Stratt. I still have a publicity leaflet with your photo on it from those days. Have often tried to track you down but guess didn't do a good enough job. You certainly have come a long way from those cash poor, struggling days I shared with you. Great memories, though. June.

Hey Pete me and you were buddies round the cavern early sixties I was mates with the Escorts especially Terry Sylvester, in 1966 I headed down to the Ship pub in Wardour Street (still go there would you have it), who was propping the bar up with other Liverpool group members good old Pete, we copped for two Swedish birds that night and walked round with them right up Piccadilly and dont know where else ( got eff all ) the saying out then was "dont bug me box La" another time after the ship we jumped the tube down to Morden in Surrey where 3 swedish birds were stayin, yes 5 in the bed that night, next day we headed back to soho, I headed back to Liverpool after a while and we lost touch, I still drink in Mathew st dont know a soul, Vinny Ismael died who was a drinkin partner of ours in Wardour st, your looking good pete, im using a friends FR to write this.
I don't expect you would remember me, but I live in Arlingham and can remember you all.Can you remember drinking in the Red Lion and also playing a gig down the Passage.


glad you stuck at it pete. so nice that you are still playing in a good band. remember the white boots!still miss the cheese and onion balms with a pint in the grapes (opposite the original cavern. also the the white star back room) the white star was a small pub around the corner ofMatthew wad frequented by post office workers during breaks.a couple of times we took the back room over!also,used to go to O'Conners tavern and the blue angel where we played and drank the gig money! many a good time there.lots of bands would go there and any visiting actors,whenever we went in the band performing would usually ask us to get up and play a few numbers.cannot believe how long ago that was!!here's to happy days and a gifted person peace love and all the good things that go with it


has Peter ever mentioned bumping into John Sebastian, Steve Stills and Graham Nash,in a music store in Shaftesbury Avenue....Graham asked him if he was busy at the moment and Peter said yes he was in a was only when the news broke a few days later, about Graham Nash leaving the Hollies, that we realised that Graham was looking for a replacement...yikes! I am 64,and you can remind Peter about hanging out at" The Crown and two Plebs" and La Chasse Club,upstairs from The Marquee in Wardour Street with Rod "the Mod "Stewart,and Long John Baldry.Peter used to like the FEVER TREE album and we would harmonise on "San Francisco Girls" and some Scott Walker stuff .Peter borrowed my 1959 Gibson ES355,with sideways vibrola, to audition in Skegness for a ghastly cabaret Trio "Lloyd Nelson and Sounds Familiar "...The lead singer was a Cruise-Ship Entertainer Croonerama with a very bad hair-weaving would have been a big step backward after Paladin, his girlfriend burst into tears after hearing the rehearsal tape...He ducked out ,and I took the gig-just to see what the northern Cabaret scene was like.

Bianca and I were friends of his before he formed Player. We were the stewardess on the Rock n Roll airplane in the 70's. God we are old........anyway we just wanted to know that he is doing ok and find out what he is up to. Love to say hello.
hi pete dave croft here.(thoughts lol) glad to see you are playing..all ways thought u would.well pete u still look good.i am laughing here about all things we done.god thats a life time me back love to here rom you..dave croft lol
i remember you and tony and maureen so well,but most of all i remember your mum and dad,and their enormous kindness. we always seemed to be short of money and i can remember so many times that your mum helped us out.i'd like to give them a huge posthumous thank you through you. i'm pleased to see how well you've done . good luck
JOHN D(The Hideaways)
Please let me know next time you play in Florida. I would like to see how much you have improved since your Peppermint Lounge days.Keep up the good work! PS: I go back to Uk for the Summer.Will meet Alan Hornby in August . Hope to see you play sometime.
Hi Pete, hope you remember me from the cavern days (best of my life) spoke to Linda and Alan Hornby, I still keep in touch even though I now live in Bournemouth, they told me of your website and I new you were always a special person and so talented, it is fantastic to read about your great success over in America, my two brothers Kevin and Terry were in The Delmonts.
I was in the speakeasy one night, and this bloody down and out came up to me and said, Hey man, I hear you're looking for a bass player, I've got no bass and I've got no amp, but I've got really good time man!Peter then joined Paladin

I was good friends with Peters sister Maureen, in mid to late sixties. My memories of Peter are this very handsome man that would return to his family from London when I would be staying over, I am sure Maureen would tell you I thought he was gorgeous. I remember a particular occasion when I was sitting waiting for Maureeen and his dad and elder brother Tony were arguing and I was stuck in the middle, Peter rushed in and took me to another room, my knight in shining armour, I was about l5 at the time. I know his dad was very proud of him, always talking about him. I lost touch with Maureen 1973 I would love to know how she is.
I knew Peter when he was a teenager. He was a slightly built youth who had a talent for music and art. He always had good sense of humour. I remember we used to practice music together in the front room of one of the houses. We had a small music group together for a short time. I played drums (I had one snare drum and a cymbal), Stacey Hargreaves played the accompaniment (he was the only one with a guitar and amplifier)and I think Ronnie played a guitar as well. There was also Paul Wainwright who did a spot with us but he had his own tempo. We all used to follow the bands around the various youth clubs and church halls where they used to play most of the time.(St Anthony’s and the Dehon centre, St Barnabas church hall all situated in the South End of the city ).When we all left school it was Peter who continued with the music I remember him taking me into the band room backstage at the old Cavern club as he was playing with a new band at the time. I moved from the area and lost contact with him. Some of the other lads from the area told me they had met him when he returned from the States. I particularly remember Peter for his help taking me to the Southern hospital to get stitched up after fighting with my father. He may also remember that I not only got stitched up that night but caught my penis in the zip of my pants and had to be disentangled. We laughed a lot about that one. He was a nice lad from a nice family and I wish him all the best.
MY GOD!!! It's been 40 years since I last saw you - you had an OZZIE girlfriend, and you were off to USA. So fantastic to see you have done so well. You were one of the nicest people, and I am so pleased for you. Remember the Baker twins in Edith Grove? I wonder what happened to them? That was Paladins days though - oh I am blown away. I hope you are very happy. Anyway, I doubt you remember me - a thousand girls away!! Lots of love, keep being happy.

We were in bands together and the jesuit fraternity in Liverpool tried to educate us !!! I suppose I should be classed as a blast from the distant past ..remember SFX college Liverpool and the early bands we played in,travelling on buses to far flung places like St. Helens carting drum kits and Vox amps with us ... I joined the submarine service in `66 and only went back to Liverpool in `89 joined the pub trade, started some great jam nights in Liverpool`s Hanover Bar... and during discussions of the good old days,your name would occasionally come up. I`m delighted your`e doing so well mate ! A good chum of yours passed away recently Sam Mitchell, sorry to give you the news but I feel you should know.. Liverpool still pushing out some great stuff.. The Coral. TheZutons. The Crane builders all come through the Hanover jam nights.. next time your in UK drop me an Email, I'd love to meet and remember the old days cheers Bruey.

You still owe me a pint

I don't believe it just the other day Huw asked me to try and locate Pete on the web to see what he was up to. What a coincidence. please send him our very best but also tell him Huw would love to talk to him. Can you give him our email and ask him to send his phone numbers and contact details.
You'll probably remember me as 'Fred' which I was nick named back then ( but not now) and we met in the Prince of Wales in Holland Park. I shared a flat in Sinclair Rd with some girls (or 'birds' as we were known back then) and we nick named you 'Puddy' (because of the Liverpool connection). We made it our mission to get to know you but that took some time because you were always flanked by Vicky and Jacky, the effortlessly glamourous Gibbs Twins. At the time you were in a band with guy called Winston, I think it was just prior to Palladin. You shared a flat in Edith Grove with the twins, Bill and Jean and at some point Lee Kerslake. I'll always remember you and Lee painting the bedroom black, much to the dismay of the twins whose dad had paid the deposit ! Myself and the twins ended up working in a place called 'The Chelsea Drugstore' and the Edith Grove flat was gradually furnished with items liberated from there. After Edith Grove, you and I moved to a place in Eton Avenue in Swiss Cottage. That didn't last for long and I moved to Welbeck Street which was conveniently close to the Speakeasy.I remember your friends Little Dave and Margaret from that period and also going to The Ship in Wardour St and an upstairs club nearby which was owned by that Jack guy from the Marquee. I've remained lifelong friends with twins and I'll certainly forward your link to them. Anyway, Pete, I'm enjoying listening to your music again and I'm delighted but not surprised that you're such a great success.
i am peters first cousin (his mum and my mum were sisters) we haven`t seen peter for some years and it would be lovely to have contact seeing as our family are getting thinner on the ground now.i know he probably does not remember me as a kid but pat who died last october loved him so much and always sung his praises i was very young when peter went to the states but have followed his career and my kids dont believe ive got a really famous cousin.
Hi Peter. Don't know if you remember me from when we were kids. I'm Ross Walsh, lived behind you in Lark Lane. I'm 55 now and spent 25 years in Liverpool Ambulance Service, about to retire. Took your mum home a few times from hospital. All the best. Ross

Pete is my cousin. We grew up together in Liverpool. As kids he taught me to play the piano. His talent was obvious then.

Shared an apartment with you in London with Derek Foley back in the Paladin days - stumbled upon�your site and had to say hello.� Kuodos on your success!

Hi Pete, May I say It has been a pleasure to meet and know you, albeit 38 years since we last met back in dear old Arlingham Gloucestershire. Remember the rice back in those days that's all you guys lived on for about six months that and Jasper's cider. Wow that was a long time back, clearly you have made good since and it looks as if you are doing well these days. Sorry to hear about Keith, what happened to the other guys from Paladin, Pet Solley, Lou, Derek, are you still in touch? You supplied me with a load of memories you guys thanks for that may you be whatever you want!! Higgy.

Hello. Phil Boardman, former player of The Thoughts says hello.Married and lives in Oslo, Norway.Works as a chef, and still plays music. Just out with a new CD, called All this confusion. Samples can be eard at Hope all is well!

Hi Peter, Alan Hornby here Denny Alexander has just told me about this website. Linda (Gill) ("The wife") and I often talk about you, when we married in 1970 we bought an Afghan Hound which we named after you (Beckett). The last time we saw you was by chance in London in about 1969. So pleased you have done so well you always were a talented B.....std. I have been searching for a copy of the film we made in London "Girls in Short Dresses" any ideas on how to get a copy.


Just found your site� - you may vaguely remember me - I was bass player with Uriah Heep in early 70's when we toured with Sha Na� Na. good to see you are still out there playing.