1972 Hot Rock-Compilation
        1. The Fakir-Paladin (BV,MSC)

1973 ELoy
        1. The Tides Return Forever (BV)
         (Choir Arrangement)

1973 Tin Tin (single)
        1. I'm Afraid/Handle Me Easy (SW)

        1. Applecart (SW with Kipner)

1976 White On White-Brian Cadd
        Backing Vocals on LP

1977 Disco Friends
        1. Baby Come Back (LV, MSC,SW with Crowley)

1977 Hi-Fi Super Stereo Sound, Vol 2
        1. Baby Come Back (LV, MSC,SW with Crowley)

1978 Music Magic-Various Artists
        1. Baby Come Back

1978 The No.1 Hits 1978
        1. Baby Come Back (LV, MSC, SW with Crowley)

1978 Entertainment Weekly Greatest Hits 
        1. Baby Come Back (LV,MSC,SW with Crowley

1978 The Best of RSO
        1. Silver Lining (SW and Vocals)

1978 Solid Gold Hits, Vol 21
        1. This Time I'm In it For Love

1978 Sucessos Pop Difusora, Vol 3
        1. This Time I'm In It For Love

1978 Super Star Collection
        1. Baby Come Back (LV,MSC,SW with Crowley)

1978 The Hot Ones
        1. This Time I'm In It For Love

1979 RSO Chart Busters
        1. Baby Come Back (LV,MSC, SW with

1979 Knock The Walls Down-Steve Kipner
        1. Knock The Walls Down (BV)
        2. Lovemaker (BV)

1979Continentale Disco-The Monaco Family
        1. Baby Come Back(SW with Crowley)

1980 Dreams Come True-O.C. Smith(SW Beckett/Crowley)
        1. Baby Come True

1981 Welcome To The Wrecking Ball
         1. Through The Window (SW)

Jack Street Band-Jack Street Band
        1. In Over My Head (SW)

1982 Golem Jana Vaclavika-Nechte Me Tak 

         1. Baby Come Back(SW with Crowley)

1983 Darryl Cotton/Heather Favell
        1. Baby Your Changing (SW)

1983  Surface Thrills-Temptations
         1. Love On My Mind Tonight(SW with Dennis Lambert) 
         2. One Man Woman(SW)

1983 Livin' In Desperate Times-Olivia Newton John
         1. Twist of Fate(SW with Steve Kipner)

Dream Street-Janet Jackson
        1. Two To The Power Of Love (SW with Kipner

1984 How Sweet It Is-Cindy Nelson (Producer)
1984 Karate Kid Soundtrack
        1. It Takes Two To Tango(SW with D. Lambert)
        2. Moment of Truth(SW with D. Lambert)

1984 Moment of Truth-Survivor(SW with Lambert)

Where The Beat Meets The Street-Bobby &
        The Midnights
        1. Lifeguard (SW with Lambert)

1984 Don't Look Any Further-Dennis Edwards
        1. I'm Up For You(SW with Lambert and P. Jackson)
        2. Shake Hands(SW with Lambert)

1984 You're My Aphrodisiac-Dennis Edwards
        11. Shake Your Hands(SW with Lambert)

1984 Tony Basil-Tony Basil
        1. Easy For You To Say(SW with Lambert)

1984 Various-Let's Beat It
         1. Twist of Fate-Olivia Newton John(SW)

Grace Slick Software
        1. Through The Window (SW

1984 Secret Hearts-Secret hearts
        1. Moment of Madness(SW with Lambert)

Night Shift-The Commodores
        1. Slip Of The Tongue (SW)

Duets-Claire Severac & Friends
        1. Eyes Of Love (LV,SW)

1985 Through The Window-Naoko Kawai

7 Day Weekend-The Comsat Angels 
         1. Believe It (BV)
         2. Forever Young (BV)
         3. I'm Falling (BV)

Knee Deep In Hoopla-Starship
        1.Tomorrow Doesn't Matter Tonight (BV)
        2. Love Rusts (BV) 

1985 Coolin' Out-Dennis Edwards
        1. No Such Thing (SW with Dennis Lambert)
        2. Wrap You (SW with John Parker)

1986 The Real Thing
         1. Can You Feel The Force-86 Mix (Keyboards)
         2. Beckett's Boogie

1986 They Don't Make Them Like They Used To-
        Kenny Rogers 
        1. After All This Time (BV,SW with Dorff

1986  Sad Sweet Dreamer-Sweet Sensations
         1. Sad Sweet Dreamer (Remix with Mallett)

Diamonds In The Rough-Tony Sciuto 
        1. Answer To My Prayer (BV,MSC,SW with Sciuto)

Postcards From Home-Nick Heyward

Kung Fu Fighting-Carl Douglas 
        1. Grasshopper Mix (Remix by Beckett,Marlette)

Brazil 86-Sergio Mendes
        1.Take This Love (SW with John Parker)

1986 Sweet Sensation-Sad Sweet Dreamer
        1. Remix with Bob Mallett

1987 Disco Classics
        1.Kung Fu Fighting-Grasshopper Mix
        Remix with Bob Mallett

1987 Bad Animals-Heart
        1. You Ain't So Tough (SW with Kipner)

1987 Physical Favours
-Sharon O'Neill
        1. Silk or Stone(BV)

1987 The Best of My Love-Sandra Reemer
        1. Take This Love Away(SW with John Parker)

Can't Wait To See The Movie-Roger Daltry

Gringo-Gregg Rolie
        1. One Of These Days (SW)

1988 Various-Feelings Vol. 3
         1. Baby Come Back(LV, SW with Crowley)

The British Invasion: History Of British Rock, Vol 4
        1. All Night Stand-The Thoughts (BV,MSC

1988 Dream With Me-Claire Severac
         1. Eyes of Love(BV, SW with Crowley

1988 I
 Love You Avenue-Nick Heyward

1988 Soul Searching-Little River Band
         SW with Shorrock

Monsoon-Little River Band
        1. Soul Searching (SW with Shorrock) 

One Heart-Junichi Kawauchi
        1. Last Scene (SW)

Here And There-Sugiyama Kiyotaka
        1. Rock Islands (BV)
        2. Kimi Ni Aitai (BV)
        3. Prism Rain Ni Tsutsumarete (BV)

1989 Soul Years 1977
        1. Baby Come Back (LV,MSC,SW with Crowley)

Don't Get Personal-Jermaine Jackson
        1. Make It Easy On Love (SW with Kipner)

OST Indianer-Various Artists
        1. How Can The Girl Refuse (LV)

Sweet-Junichi Kawauchi
         1. Can't Go On Without You (BV)
         2. You've Got A Power (BV)

Tatsoro Covers from the Coast-Various Artists 
        1. Let's Kiss The Sun (LV)

Get Lucky-Little River Band
        1. Every Time I Turn Around (SW with Lambert)

Brent Bourgeois- Brent Bourgeois
        1. Wild Child (BV,SW)
        2. Dare To Fall In Love (SW)

1990 Ci Mi Ya-Chalice
        1. Baby Come Back(SW with Crowley)

1991 Sounds of the Seventies-1978 Take Two
        1. Baby Come Back (LV,MSC,SW with Crowley)

The British Invasion: History Of British Rock, 
       1. All Night Stand-The Thoughts (BV,MSC)

Survivor Greatest Hits-Survivor
        1. Moment Of Truth (SW with Kipner

1991 World Wide Love-Little River Band
        1. World Wide Love(SW with Sciuto and Pellicci
        2. The Bottom Line(SW with Pellicci and Capek)

Rockin 70's Vol 1-Various Artists
        1. Baby Come Back (LV,MSC,SW with Crowley

1991 70's Greatest Rock Hits: #1 Groups, Vol 12
        1. Baby Come Back (LV,MSC,SW with Crowley)

Fade In Love-Platz Nippon 
        1. Don't Stop The Love (LV)

Billboard Hits 1978-Various Artists
        1. Baby Come Back (LV,MSC,SW with Crowley)

1991 Born To Sing-David Sea
        (SW with Dennis Lambert)

1991 Good Times
        1. Baby Come Back (LV,MSC,SW with Crowley)

1992 CX 
TV Themes Best Hits II-Various Artists
         1. Love Wins (LV,SW)

1992 Juice-Junichi Kawauchi

1992 Various-Ichioshi-kun Ga Yuku Vol. 27
         1. Until You Let Go(LV with Jeanette Klinger)

1993 Survivor's Greatest Hits
        1. The Moment of Truth(SW)

1993 Super Hits Of The 70's: Have A Nice Day, Vol 21
        1. Baby Come Back (LV,MSC,SW with Crowley)

1993 TV CM Best Hits 2
         1. Romance Flight(SW Beckett)

1993 Hits Of The 70's-Various Artists
        1. Baby Come Back (LV,MSC,SW with Crowley)

1993 Face in the Mirror
        1. Baby Come Back (LV,MSC, SW with Crowley)

The Tides Return Forever-Eloy
        1. Company Of Angels (BV with Jackson)
        2. The Last In Line (BV with Jackson)
        3. The Tides Return Forever (BV with Jackson)

1994 Finders Keepers-Trine Rein
         1. Bad News Travels Fast(SW with Lambert)

1994 World Hits 1978
        1. Baby Come Back(LV, SW with Crowley)

Great Britons Vol 2-Various Artists
        1. Prisoner Of Your Love (LV,MSC,SW with Crowley

1995 Prom Night: The 70's
        1. This Time I'm In It For Love

1995 Reminiscing: The 20TH Anniversary Collection
        Little River Band
        1. Soul Searching (BV,MSC,SW with Shorrock

 Sea Of Light-Uriah Heep
        1. Love In Silence(String Arrangements)
          (BV-entire LP)

Billboard Top Hits 1975-79 Various Artists
        1. Baby Come Back (LV,MSC,SW with Crowley)

1995 Roots of Rock: Soft Rock-Various Artists
        1. Baby Come Back

1995 Sensual Sax: The Spark
        1. Baby Come Back

1995 I No Y-Jenn Forbes
        1. Baby Come Back(SW with Crowley)

Super Hits Of The 70's: Have A Nice Day
        1. This Time I'm In It For Love (LV,MSC)

Thank You Whatever Comes-The Holograms
        1. Ordinary Girl (BV,MSC)

1996 Dusty Jams: Classic Love Songs
        1. Baby Come Back

1996 25 Years of Number One Hits, Vol 4
        1. Baby Come Back

1997 WOGL 10th Anniversary, Vol 3
        1. Baby Come Back

1997 Various-AM Gold 1978
        1. Baby Come Back

1997 Up Up And Away: The Definitive Collection
        The Fifth Dimension
        1. Ashes To Ashes (SW with Lambert)

English Freakbeat, Vol 3
        1. Memory Of Your Love-The Thoughts
        (BV,MSC,SW with Boardman)

The Very Best Of Tony Basil-Tony Basil
        1. Easy For You To Say (SW with Lambert)

1997 The Edge of Coinicidence-Paul Bliss
         1. Castles On Quicksand(SW)

1997 Mellow Rock Hits Of The 70's: Ventura Highway
        1. Baby Come Back (LV,MSC,SW with Crowley)

WCBS-FM's 25th Anniversary: Best Of The 70's
         1. Baby Come Back (LV,MSC,SW with Crowley)

1998 More-No Mercy
        1. Baby Come Back (SW with Crowley)

The Answer-Eloy
        1. The Answer (BV)

1998 La Mejor Coleccion Pop De La Historia Vol 5
        1. Baby Come Back (LV,MSC,SW with Crowley)

Heard It On The Radio: FM Hits Vol 1
        1. If Looks Could Kill (LV,MSC,SW with Lambert)

1998 AM Gold: Pop Classics 1978
        1. Baby Come Back(LV,MSC,SW with Crowley)

1998 70's Hits Back Again-Various Artists
        1. Baby Come Back (LV,MSC,SW with Crowley)

1998 70's Heavy Hitters: #1 Pop Hits
         1. Baby Come Back (LV,MSC,SW with Crowley)

1998 Chart Toppers: Romantic Hits Of  The 70's
   1. Baby Come Back (LV,MSC,SW with Crowley)

1998 Double Take-Joe McBride
        1. Baby Come Back (SW with Crowley)

Ocean II-Eloy 
        1. Waves Of Tuition (BV,MSC)

The Edge Of Coincidence-Paul Bliss
        1. Castles On Quicksand (LV,SW with Kipner,Bliss)

Class Reunion '77: Greatest Hits-Various Artists
        1. Baby Come Back (LV,MSC,SW with Crowley)

1999 Soft Rock Classic
        1. Baby Come Back (LV,MSC,SW with Crowley)

Rockin' 70's Vol 1-Various Artists
         1. Baby Come Back (LV,MSC,SW with Crowley)

Knee Deep In Hoopla-Starship (Re-issue) (BV)

1999 Lava Love-Various Artists
        1. Baby Come Back

1999 Soft Touch-Brian Tarquin
        1. Baby Come Back (SW with Crowley)

2000 Time Life Singers and Songwriters   
         1. Baby Come Back(LV, SW with Crowley)

Hits Of The 70's (Universal Special)-Various Artists
        1. Baby Come Back (LV,MSC,SW with Crowley)

Entertainment Weekly: Greatest Hits 1978
        1. Baby Come Back (LV,MSC,SW with Crowley)

Light Mellow AOR-Groovin' And Breezin'
         1. I'd Rather Be Gone-Player (MSC,LV)

The Best Of Planet Records-various Artists
        1. All Night Stand-The Thoughts (BV,MSC)
        2. Memory Of Your Love-The Thoughts
          (BV,MSC,SW with Boardman)

2000 The Bronze Story-various Artists
        1. Get One Together-Paladin

2001 Foreward-Jaared
        1. Baby Come Back (SW with Crowley)

2001 Entertainment Weekly: The Greatest Hits 1975-1979
        1. Baby Come Back (LV,MSC,SW with Crowley)

Nuggets, Vol 2: Original Artyfacts From the
         British Empire & Beyond
         1. All Night Stand-The Thoughts (BV,MSC)

The Ultimate Rock & Roll Collection: The 70's
        1. Baby Come Back (LV,MSC,SW with Crowley)

7 Day Weekend(2001 Reissue) The Comsat Angels

2001 Dream Street-Janet Jackson
        1. Hold Back The Tears(duet with Cliff Richard)

I Love The 70's-Various Artists
        1. Baby Come Back (LV,MSC,SW with Crowley)
2002 Steve Kipner Demos-Steve Kipner 
        1. Married Man (LV,BV)

2002 Systems Go Wild-Soul Doctor
        1. Livin' The Life (SW with Plunkett)

Box Of Love-Various Artists
        1. Baby Come Back (LV,MSC,SW with Crowley)

2003 Timeless Passage: Very Best Of Eloy 

2003 Soft Rock Hits 2-Various Artists
        1. Baby Come Back (LV,MSC,SW with

What The World Needs Now-Love-Various Artists
         1. Baby Come Back (LV,MSC,SW with Crowley)

2003  The Greatest Hits-Lisa Stanfield
          1. Baby Come Back (SW with Crowley)

2003 Lisa Stansfield-Biography Greatest Hits
        1. Baby Come Back (SW with Crowley)

2003 Sweet One-Milo Shade
        1. Baby Come Back

2003 Full Circle-Birtles Shorrock Goble
        1. Soul Searching

2004 Essential Collection-Dennis Edwards
        1. I'm Up For You (SW with Lambert)

        1. Underwater Sky (SW

2004 Straight From The Heart
         1. Baby Come Back (LV, MSC,SW with Crowley)

2004 Songs From The Heart-Melissa Marshall
         1. Baby Come Back(SW with Crowley)

That Driving Beat, Vol 4
        1. Memory Of Your Love-The Thoughts 
        (LV,MSC,SW with Boardman )

I'm Your Man-Ronn Moss     
        Produced by Peter Beckett-Righthook Records 
        1. I'm Your Man (BV,MSC,SW with  Plunkett,Moss)
        2. I Will (BV,MSC,SW with Plunkett)
        3. Generate (BV,MSC,SW with Moss)
        4. All I Have To Give (BV,MSC,SW with Plunkett)
        5. In Love Alone (BV,MSC,SW with Moss)
        6. Mountain (BV,MSC,SW with Manzie)
        7. Baby Come Back (LV,MSC,SW with Crowley)

Moonlighting: The Anthology-Roger Daltry (Remastered) (BV,MSC)

2004 Diamond In The Rough-Tony Sciuto
        1. Answer To My Prayer(BV, MSC, SW 
         with Tony Sciuto)

Casey Kasem Presents America's Top Ten
        1. Baby Come Back (LV,MSC,SW with Crowley)

2005 Rock N' Roll Revival
        1. Baby Come Back

Rock N Roll Revival-Various Artists)
        1. Baby Come Back (LV,MSC,SW with Crowley)

Love/Stray-Aztec Camera
        1. Everybody Is A Number One (MSC)

Weeping For JFK- Taylor Marsh
         1. High Hopes (LV-prerecorded for live show)

Uncovered-Ronn Moss
        Produced by Peter Beckett for Righthook Records
        1. You're My Addiction (BV,MSC,SW with Plunkett)
        2. Butterfly (BV,MSC,SW with Plunkett, Moss)
        3. Show Me Yours (BV,MSC,SW with Plunkett, Moss)
        4. I Would Do Anything (BV,MSC,SW with  Plunkett)

Chapter & Verse: The Uriah Heep Story
          (35TH Anniversary Collection)
          (BV and String Arrangements)

2005 Cafe Nirvana-various Artists
        1. Baby Come Back

2006 Scratch My Back: New Rubble Vol 5
         1. Find Out What's Happening (BV)
         Tiffany and The Thoughts

2006 70's Maxium-Carl Douglas
         1. Kung Fu Fighting (Remix with Mallett)

2006  "V"-Vanessa Hudgens
           1. Come Back To Me
           (A clip of "Baby Come Back" is sampled in
            in this song)

2006 Lets Hear It For The 80's
         1. Twist of Fate (SW with Kipner)

2007 Meanwhile...Acoustically-Glenn Shorrock
         1. Soul Searching(SW with Shorrock)

Noriyuki Makihara Songs From New York
        1. Stripe (LV)

2007  The Best Movie Songs
         1. Baby Come Back (LV, MSC, SW with Crowley)

2007 Gold: Soft Rock
        1. Baby Come Back

2008 E35 Let's Sing J-Pop in English
        1. Don't Stop The Love (LV)

2008 The Best Hits 100 Super 70's
        1. Baby Come Back (LV,MSC,SW with Crowley)

2008 Milk Bossa Lovesa
         1. Baby Come Back (SW with Crowley)

2009 Golden Instrumentals Vol. 15
         1. Baby Come Back (LV, MSC,SW with Crowley)

2010 Vital Signs-Survivor
         1. Moment of Truth(SW)

2011 Rock For Japan-Various
        1. Too Many Reasons(LV, SW)

2013 Icon-Olivia Newton-John
         1. Twist of Fate(SW with Kipner)

2013 Various-Drink a Toast To Innocence
        1. Baby Come Back(SW with Crowley)




1966 Nuggets: Celluloid Artyfacts Of Sixties Rock 
        This is a collection of various short films and  
        television shows, showcasing mod, garage, and  
        pop music from the mid-to-late 60's. 
        1. Girls In Short Short Dresses (1966) 
        Paramount made this topical film in the final days 
        of the theatrical short subject era, to capitalize on 
        the worldwide interest of swinging London. The 
        movie starred The Thoughts, best known for their  
        recording of Ray Davies' song "All Night Stand. The 
        band performs two songs at the famous Blaise's  
        nightclub. They are also shown chasing girls    
        around subway stations and Carnaby Street  

1978 FM 
        1. Baby Come Back (LV,MSC,SW with  Crowley) 

1983 Two Of A Kind 
        1. Twist Of Fate-Olivia Newton-John 
        (SW with Kipner) 

1984 Where The Boys Are '84 
        1. Jennie (LV,SW) 

1984 Karate Kid 
        1. Moment Of Truth-Survivor 
        (SW with D. Lambert) 
        2. It Takes Two To Tango-Paul Davis 
        (SW with Lambert,Conti) 

1985 St. Elmos Fire 
        1. Stressed Out(Close To The Edge)-Airplay 
        (LV,SW with Foster,Graydon,Kipner) 

1986 Body Slam 
        1. Rock N' Roll Hearts (SW with Jack D'Amore) 

1986 Little Shop Of Horrors 
        1. Da-Doo-Moralis,Weeks,Campbell,Arnold 
        (BV by The Do Wops: Beckett,Gerrard,Curtis, 

1986 The Men's Club 
        1. Taking A Stand (SW) 

1988 Cocktail 
        1. Original Sin(Jumpin' In)-Think Out Loud 
        (LV with Kipner,SW with Kipner,Capek,PRD 
        with Holman,Kipner) 
        Song played in bar scene. 

1989 Major League 
        1. How Can The Girl Refuse? (LV) 

1989 Staying Together 
        1. The More Things Change-Paul Cotton 
        (SW with Feldman) 
        2. Kit's Theme-Kevin Savigarsan (SW with Feldman) 

1989 Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure 
        1. Two Heads Are Better Than One-Powertools 
        (LV-Peter's voice dubbed over original Nelson Twins) 

1989  Second Sight 
         1. Takin' A Stand (SW) 

1991 Frankie And Johnny 
        1. Until You Let Go 
        (LV with Jeanette Clinger,SW with Hamlisch) 

1995 Mrs. Munck 
        1. Not a Day Goes By(LV,SW with Plunkett) 

1998 Safe Men 
        1. Baby Come Back (LV,MSC,SW with Crowley) 

1999 Five Aces 
        1. Baby Come Back(LV.MSC,SW with Crowley) 

        1. Livin' The Life-Steel Dragon(SW with Plunkett) 

2002 Life Or Something Like It 
        1. All The Love (LV,SW) 

       1. American Woman (LV) 
         Song played after Sara get caught in the   
         conveyor at the airport. 

2003 Terminator 3:Rise and Fall Of The Machines 
        1. Dat Funky Man-William Randolph III 
        (SW with Mostow) 
         Song is played when the Terminator is shopping 
         in the gas station store. 
         2. Sugar (MSC,PRD,SW with Mostow) 
         3. Party (SW,MSC,PRD) 
         Song is played just before the Terminator enters   
         the strip club. 

2003 BASIC  
1. Black Betty-Player 
   (MSC,PRD,Adapted and Arranged by)  
   Song played at the end of the movie 
   in the bar scene.  

2003 Angelina Jolie Celebrity Pack 2003 
        1. Life or Something Like It (LV, SW) 

2004 Beyond Borders 
        1. All I Want-DNA(SW with Plunkett) 

2004 Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights 
        1. High School Confidential (PRD) 

2005 Roll Bounce 
        1. Baby Come Back(LV,MSC,SW with Crowley) 

2006 Date Movie 
        1. Baby Come Back (LV,MSC,SW with Crowley) 

2006  A Guide To Recognizing Your Saints 
         1. Baby Come Back(LV,MSC,SW with Crowley) 

2007 Transformers 
         1. Baby Come Back(LV,MSC,SW with Crowley) 

2016  The Sparrows 
         1. Lift Me Up



02/10/67 BEAT BEAT BEAT-The Thoughts 
          1. If You Don't Come Back 
          2. Until You LOove Someone 

3/05/67  A Touse Vents(French TV) 
           1 All Night Stand 


The 90 minute late night rock music series aired 12:30 AM on 
Saturday. It followed "The Tonight Show", starring Johhny 
Carson. In it's first year, premiering February 1, 1973, it began at 1:00 AM, but when Johnny Carson cut his own show from 90 minutes to 60 minutes, the starting time was moved to 12:30 AM. 

11/04/77   Host: Lou Rawls (Episode #220) 
                  Player Performed: 
                  1. Baby Come Back 
                  2. Come On Out 
                  (Other Guests: KC and Sunshine Band, Rod 
                  Stewart,Alan ParsonsProject,Harry Nilson) 

03/17/78  Host: Player (Episode #237) 
                 Player Performed: 
                 1. Baby Come Back 
                 2. Cancellation 
                 3. Come On Out 
                 4. This Time I'm In It For Love 
                 (Other Guests: Abba,Queen,Jay 
                  Ferguson,Starland Vocal Band) 

05/19/78  Host: Helen Reddy (Episode #245) 
                Player Performed: 
                1. Baby Come Back 
                2. This Time I'm In It For Love 
                (Other Guests: Billy Preston,Andy Kauffman, 
                Elton John,Samantha Sang) 

(Kansas, Phoebe Snow, Murray Langston, Tony Delia) 

1. Baby Come Back 
2. Cancellation 
3. Come On Out 
4. Movin Up 
5. Melanie 


11/19/77 SOLID GOLD-Premiered 9/1/1980 

Solid Gold featured pop music performed live(lip sync) in front of an audience along with the Solid Gold Dancers. The dancers counted down the top 10 hits of the week. Several hosts shared top billing over the 8 seasons. The show was syndicated to local stations on weekends and was cancelled due to poor ratings in early 1988. None of the shows have been released on VHS or DVD. Season 1-4 was video taped at KTLA(Gold West), while seasons 5-8 were staged at Paramount Studios(Stage 29). 

1981  Player performed: 
          1. Baby Come Back 
          2. If Looks Could Kill 
          Host: Casey Kasem 
          First Appearance: Player 
          Baby Come Back 
11/26/77 Big Mover Segment: Player 
               Baby Come Back 
01/14/78 #1 Player-Baby Come Back 
01/21/78 #1 Player-Baby Come Back 
01/28/78 #1 Player-Baby Come Back 

1978 The Merv Griffin Show-Player 
         1. Come On Out 

 1979   3 BY CHEEVER 
            1. Baby Come Back(LV,MSC,SW with Crowley) 
            The Five Forty Eight Episode 


American Bandstand was the most popular rock-n-roll television show of all time. Premiering on August 5,1957, it made TV history bringing rock-n-roll music into millions of households, with outstanding performances by up and coming recording artists. Bandstand first aired on the east coast in Philadelphia, PA., and later found it's way to the west coast in Los Angeles, CA. 

04/03/82  Host: Dick Clark (Episode #2497) 
                Player Performed: 
                1. If Looks Could Kill 
                2. Thank You For The Use Of Your Love 
                (Other Guests: Denice Williams) 


1986  Joe9086 Club Mix- For UK TV SHOW JOE90 
A  remix by Bob Mallette of the JOE90 theme, taking the original 1960's commercial release and adding a new rhythm track with Peter Beckett on keyboards. The single reached no.53 in the BBC charts. 


Fame, a 60 minute musical drama, started out as a 1980 theatrical movie. Two years later, it found a home on NBC TV. NBC canned the series after a year,  and the show moved to syndication for four more years becoming even more popular. The story took place in NYC at a famous school of music and followed the lives of the students and teachers, starring Debbie Allen. 

1985  If The Lady Wants To PLay-Sung by Nia Peebles 
          (SW)"School Is Out" Episode 
1985 If The Lady Wants To Play-Sung by Nia Peeples 
           (SW)"Take My Wife" Episode 
1984 Two To The Power of Love-FAME 
           Janet Jackson/Cliff Richard 
          (SW with Kipner)"Indian Summer" Episode 

1992  CX TV Themes Best Hits 
           Love Wins-Lead vocals 

1993 TVCM Best Hits 2 
         Romance Flight 

1999   VH1 
           1. Where Are They Now ? 
           Player appears on: AM Classics episode 
           Peter Beckett and Ronn Moss are shown 
           being interviewed, with concert clips of 
           Player on stage from 1977 and 1999. 

           2. I Love The Seventies 
           Player appears on: 1978 episode 


1991  Little River Band performed live in Germany at the 
           famous Filter Club to promote their new CD, World 
           World Wide Love. The band members consisted of 
           Glenn Shorrock, Wayne Nelson, Stephen Housden, 
           Peter Beckett, Tony Sciuto, and Derek Pellicci. 
           Peter was featured singing 'Baby Come Back', his 
           no. 1 hit from his former band Player. 


         California Dreams was a sitcom produced by NBC 
         Productions, Inc., airing on Saturday morning in 
         1992, and running five seasons with 78 episodes. 
         A cd  was released containing the songs sung in 
         the show by the teenage characters. A character 
         named Jenny was played by Heidi Lenhart, who 
         also sang 'Castles On Quicksand'. This song was 
         written by Peter Beckett, Steve Kipner, and Paul 
         Bliss, and later recorded on Think Out Loud's cd, 
         'Shelf Life'. 


1996  Ronn Moss performed 'After All This Time' from 
          PLAYER'S new cd called LOST IN REALITY. Also 
          appearing with Ronn, backing him up on guitar 
          and vocals, was Peter Beckett. 


1997 Little River Band performed live in NYC with Peter 
          Beckett, Steve Wade, Tony Sciuto,Derek Pellicci,and 
          Stephen Housden. 


1997  Little River Band performed live in NYC with Peter 
          Beckett, Steve Wade, Tony Sciuto,Stephern Housden 
          Derek Pellicci, and Hal Tupa 


1999  This NBC  mini series for television portrayed the evolution of American rock and roll starting in the 50's. The story is about a ficticous band called The Hartaches, trying to make it in the music business. The lead vocal for the bands nine songs  in the movie, and also on the soundtrack, are sung by Peter Beckett. 
             1.   One Bad Stud 
             2.   Baby Here I Am 
             3.   Side By Side 
             4.   My Back Seat 
             5.   Slippin' And Slidin' 
             6.   Detour 
             7.   A Touch Of Heaven 
             8.   Break Out 
             9.   Just One Dance With You 

ED- "Home is Where Ducks Are" (episode) 
          1. Baby Come Back(SW with Crowley) 


          Episode: Homer Alone 
2002  While Marge goes on vacation, leaving Bart 
           and Lisa with Aunt Selma and Patty, Maggie 
           is home alone with Homer until she leaves in 
           search of Marge.  As Homer is eating pizza, 
           Maggie crawls past him out of the house 
           and disappears. 
           Enter: Player singing "Baby Come Back" 


2002   The Lever 2000 soap commercial appeared on TV showing fingers walking across skin as the song "A Touch Of Heaven" is being sang. This was a newer version  of the song taken from the TV mini series 'Shake, Rattle, &  Roll in 1999. "A Touch Of Heaven" was performed by  a ficticious 50's band called The Hartaches. Lead vocals were performed by Peter Beckett, along with eight other songs from the soundtrack. 

2003 COLD CASE 10/09/05  Episode: Bad Night 
         1. Baby Come Back (LV, MSC, SW with Crowley) 

2003 THE 70's SHOW-"Going Mobile"(episode) 
         1. Baby Come Back(SW with Crowley) 

2004 THE 70's SHOW-"Join Together"(episode) 
          1. Baby Come Back(SW with Crowley) 

2005 Cold Case (10/9/2005) "Baby Come Back" 
         Bad Night: Season 3:Episode 3 

2006 KING OF THE HILL (April 9th) 

Season 10 Episode 11 "Church Hopping": When Hank decides to try Lucky's method of worshipping, they both get drunk at a bar and begin singing the tune, which plays on the jukebox. 
1. Baby Come Back (SW with Crowley) 

         1. Don't Let Us Get Sick (Producer) 

 1. Peter performed as a stuntman at an outside party scene as a car crashed into the crowd sitting at a table. 

PLAYER performs "Mary's Boy Child" 

           5/12/2014   GENERAL HOSPITAL-NURSES BALL 
              PLAYER performs "Baby Come Back" 

                 PLAYER performs "AMBER"