Peter and Steve Kipner joined up with Lane Caudell to form SKYBAND in 1974. SKYBAND released their one and only LP, self-titled, and recorded at RCA House in London, England. This was never released on cd. This album was produced by the members of SKYBAND themselves and is well remembered for the cover photo of the band in tribal headgear. SKYBAND was managed by themselves and GTO/ENTNER. Their sound was similar to the Bee Gees, yet a rock and roll influence could be heard on some of the tracks. Very often, the two styles collided as one on a few select tracks. The songs are a combination of nice harmonies, great guitar and piano work, with excellent lead vocals shared by Beckett, Kipner, and Caudell. The song SKYBAND is most remembered for is the first track called "Bang! Ooh! You Got Me!' The band toured mostly abroad and played a handful of shows in the US, opening for such artists as Peter Noone. They were also known to play the famous, but now gone, Greens/Apollo Theater in Glasgow, Scotland as a support act for Alex Harvey in 1975. After one album, they went their separate ways, pursuing other interests.