Peter Beckett was born on August 10, 1948 in the Aigburth section of Liverpool England. In the early sixties, he began taking an interest in music; listening to his older brother's records, and "air" guitaring with a tennis racket to the radio. He was also greatly influenced by listening to Radio London and Radio Luxemburg. Like most teens in the 60's, Peter discovered the music of the Beatles. He would frequent some of their lunch time sets at the famous Cavern Club. He was impressed with what he heard and saw, and decided that this was what he wanted to do with his life.



Phil Boardman~Alan Hornby~Peter Beckett~Dave Croft

In 1965, while working at the Liverpool Cotton Exchange, Peter met Phil Boardman who was putting together a backing band for recording artist Tiffany. Peter then became the member of his first pro band at age 17 called The Thoughts. They originally recorded as the backing vocals for Tiffany and the Thoughts songs "I Know" and "Find Out What's Happening" on Paraphone Records. They then toured around England and Scotland for awhile until Tiffany quit. In 1966, they switched to Planet Records and made their debut as The Thoughts. A comparatively risque single for the times, the A-side, "All Night Stand" was a Ray Davies composition, produced by Shel Talmy. Along with Alan Hornby on bass, Phil Boardman on lead guitar, Dave Croft on drums, and Peter himself on guitar and vocals, they released 'All Night Stand' on September 30, 1966. Two different versions were released of this single, a slower version in the UK, and a more upbeat version in the US. Requested by Shel Talmy, owner of Planet Records, Ray wrote this song for a movie based on a book by Thom Keyes, also called 'All Night Stand', for 20th Century Fox. The book concerned the trials and tribulations of a young Beat band, loosely modeled on the rise of the Beatles. However, the movie was never made.  

Although the single by The Thoughts received great reviews from the critics, it just barely made the charts. The B-Side, 'Memory Of Your Love', was equally as good and written by Peter and Phil Boardman. This single was recorded on the Planet label and distributed by Phillips Records Ltd. Innovative in being an independent record label in the 60's, Planet lasted only a year but produced 22 singles and two albums by such bands as The Kinks, The Who, The Creation, The Easy Beats, to name a few. In the later years, The Thoughts took on a lead singer named Denny Alexander, formerly of Earl Preston's Realms, and did a one month stint of the clubs in Hamburg on the Reeperbahn, Frankfurt, Cologne, and Storyville.  They made history by being the first band to perform at the newly opened now famous Saville Theatre in London, opening for The Koobas, Jimi Hendrix, and The Who. The Thoughts also appeared live on German TV show 'Beat Beat Beat'. The band also made a video short called "Girls In Short Short Dresses", which was played in movie theaters before the shows.(see info below) Two of their unrecorded songs were played during this video, called "Pretty Girl" and "Call Me Girl". When chart success eluded the band, the group broke up going their own separate ways.  

*Alan Hornby died 2013



1. All Night Stand(Ray Davies)

2. Memory Of Your Love(Beckett, Boardman)



1. Pretty Girl

2. Call Me Girl

winston g/whip-liverpool 1967-1968

Hue Lloyd-Langton~Winston Gork~Peter Beckett~Tony MacIntyre

 Peter joined up with Winston G as their bass player, later to be named Fox. The other band members consisted of Huw Lloyd-Langton (lead guitar), Winston Gork(lead vocals), Tony MacIntyre(drums)and Tony Topham (lead guitar). Their schedule took them on a tour of Europe. The band played an important role as a pivotal point in British rock as the band crossed from heavy rock to psychedlia. Winston G played along side Marc Bolan, early Yes, Captain Beefheart and Tyrannosaurus Rex, with a final gig supporting the Who at London's Roundhouse. 

  In 1967, another band started using the name  Fox, so they changed their name to The Whip. The Whip consisted of Peter, Tony MacIntyre, Winston Gork, and Huw Lloyd-Langton. The band spent most of their time flat broke in Europe,  playing army bases. They only lasted about a year after that.Winston ended up staying in Holland and Huw went to Denmark. Topham played his final gig with them at The “Middle Earth Show”, at the Roundhouse Chalk Farm, London, alongside The Who and The Blossom Toes, in early October 1968. He then decided to revive and further cement his long friendship with Tony ‘Duster’ Bennett. The following month, The Fox performed at the Lafayette club, in Wolverhampton with a new member: Huw Lloyd-Langton (1), a 17-year-old guitarist that Winston G met at the Giaconda Coffee Bar, Denmark Street. In late 1968, another band started using the name Fox, so they changed their name to The Whip. They worked mainly in Germany and Holland for 6 months, playing the army bases. 

Peter went on to do a short stint with the band World of Oz before concentrating on his solo career and then eventually going to USA where he formed the band PLAYER. Original drummer Tony McKintyre also left to manage his model wife who was Miss England at the time. As the 70's roled around, the 60's left behind the great rock music of the British Invasion to the US, and the Mersey sound. Music took on a whole new meaning with a more progressive side to it that would rock the music world. 

Various Line-ups of Winston G’s Bands 

Fox (Late 1967 - October 1968) 

· Winston Gork (Lead Vocals) "Winston G" 
· Tony Top Topham (Lead Guitar) 
· Chris Jones then Peter Beckett (Bass) 
· Tony MacIntyre (Drums) 

The Whip #1 (October - Late 1968) 

· Winston Gork (Lead Vocals) "Winston G" 
· Huw Lloyd Langton (Lead Guitar) 
· Peter Beckett (Bass) 
· Tony MacIntyre (Drums) 

The Whip #2 (Late 1968 - Mid 1969) 

· Winston Gork (Lead Vocals) "Winston G" 
· Huw Lloyd Langton (Lead Guitar) 
· Syd Gardiner (Bass) 
· John Lingwood (Drums)